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We will NOT buy OR return any boxes that are marked, soiled, stained, opened, expired or items that smell of cigarette smoke or have been stained yellow because of cigarette smoke. Boxes must expire 8+ months from the current month and be in mint condition to qualify for a full payout. To determine how many months until your product(s) expire, count the current month as “0” and the next month as “1” and so forth. For example, if the current month is January (month “0”), then if your supply is to expire in 8 months, they would expire in August (month “8”). Please make sure you are triple-checking the expiration date and condition of your items before placing the order. We look forward to your business! Please make sure that you read through our Terms before placing the order as well. if you have any questions or concerns with the shipment, payment, or pricing please call us immediately at 833-669-0912 (24hrs 365)

To sell your diabetic supplies, select the number of boxes of each item below and click the "Complete Your Order" button. You can also click on each individual item to see the specific details about the item and any terms specific to the item.

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