Simple Steps to Start Selling

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Illegal To Sell My Diabetic Supplies?

Yes! Diabetic test strips are an over-the-counter commodity and can be purchased anywhere in the United States without a prescription! But, if your supplies were paid for by Medicare or Medicaid, we would not be able to purchase these from you

Whats The Fastest Way To Get Paid? If You Email Me A Shipping Label Or Send Me A Mail Kit?

The fastest way for us to release payment to you is if we email you the shipping label and then you pack and ship the supplies with our prepaid shipping label. if you choose that way then we should receive your supplies in 2-3 business days and then we will inspect the supplies on the day of arrival and pay you out. if you choose the mail kit that will take 2-3 business days to ship to you then it will take another 2-3 business days for us to receive your supplies. 

Who Pays For The Shipping?

We pay for all shipping cost!

Do You Buy Boxes That Are Open Or Still Intact In The Plastic Tube?

Even though you may have not compromised the number of test strips within the tubes or damaged them, we have no way to verify that they haven’t been tampered with and therefore cannot accept them.

Do You Accept Damaged Products?

We do not accept damage, but if the boxes are slightly dinged we might. Just to be on the safe side, if your boxes are slightly damaged or dinged feel free to call us and we will have you text us a picture of the damaged/dinged supplies. Call first before sending a text message at 888-390-1441 (24hrs 365)

What Does Shortdated Mean? Or What If My Supplies Expire Before 9-11+ Months Out?

Short-dated means if today is January 1 and your supplies expire before September then they will be considered short-dated and half of the time we can not purchase the supplies unless it says we buy that particular supply short-dated in the description. 

What Does 9-11+ Months Out Mean?

To determine how many months until your product(s) expire, count the current month as “0” and the next month as “1” and so forth. For example, if the current month is January (month “0”), then if your supply is to expire in ten months, they would expire in October (month “10”.Please make sure you are triple-checking the expiration date and condition of your items before placing the order. We look forward to your business! Please make sure that you read through our Terms before placing the order as well.

How Do I Find The Status Of My Package Or Check?

Call us immediately call 888-390-1441 (24hrs 365)

What Are We Doing With The Supplies? Why Are We Buying Them?

We are here to help people get their testing supplies that are either underinsured or do not have insurance. Selling your extra supplies will put cash in your pocket AND help another diabetic that may be in need. We cover ALL shipping costs to and from our facility too!